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Camila Cabello ‘Spills Some Tea’ on the Anniversary of Her Debut Album

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It’s been a year since the release of Camila Cabello‘s debut album, and she’s marking the occasion by giving the inside scoop about the making of it.

“These songs, that were the soundtrack to my life for a long time, were about to belong to you,” she tweeted of Camila, which dropped on Jan. 12, 2018. “Thank you for loving them, taking care of them and giving them entirely new, special meanings.” Cabello then offered: “Hmmmmm #1YearOfCamila – ask me some questions about each song and I’ll spill some tea.”

On the power of “Control”: “I wrote she loves control first as a title,” she said. “for the first time in my life felt in control of my time, my life, and I think that all came from having control of my work honestly- we wrote the chorus to just guitar and then Skrillex came in and turned it around.”

On the album track she’s most proud of: “Never be the same. I just feel like that song sounds like what my soul sounds like. When I left the studio and played it in my car I felt like it was my favorite song I’ve made,” Cabello shared.

On failed album titles: “The hurting the healing the loving,” she said, “which some people got tattooed on their bodies.”

On the inspiration behind the album: “A lot of this album was based on infatuations/ very minimal interactions I had people that I obsessed with enough to turn into songs,” wrote Cabello. “Like making a mountain out of a mole hill- in this chapter of my life, there’s actually mountains ya know?”

On the real meaning of the album: “One of the themes of this album could be summed up in this sentence ‘I hate LA, I have no friends here, and I’ve been completely single for like 100 years,'” she said.

On the song that left her in tears: Cabello said she can “literally remember singing something’s gotta give and having to take a bathroom break because I broke down crying.”

See all her tweets below.

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