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EXID Is Done With ‘Me & You’ in New Single: Watch the Music Video

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K-pop girl group EXID returned with their new single “Me & You” on Wednesday, putting forth an explosive anthem for anyone ready to say farewell to a relationship.

The lead track on their WE EP, released the same day, “Me & You” starts softly with a lilting beat and sultry smooth R&B croons before transforming into an energetic dance track driven by a moombahton beat, full of chanting refrains and blaring horns woven into the quintet’s bombastic verses. The impassioned song is all about there being “No me & you,” and throughout the track, the members of EXID spend their time telling their boy to back off and leave them be.

“Me & You” is an anthem for women everywhere no longer willing to put up with a less-than-great lover, and the music video is a celebration of this. Starting off with the women wearing wedding dresses and viels, they proclaim their independence throughout the clip as they alternate between adressing, occasionally threatening, their lover and shimmy along to the beat before throwing an epic neon party.

“Me & You” was released shortly after the news that two of EXID’s members, Hani and Jeonghwa, will be leaving the group’s Korean label, Banana Culture. Despite this, the group has stated that they will remain together for the time being and are set to begin a Japanese tour on August 11 with all five women participating. 

Along with “Me & You,” the album WE, the group’s fifth EP, is meant to emphasize EXID’s bond, and the track “We Are…” features lyrics written by each member of the group. 

Watch the music video for EXID’s “Me & You” here:

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