Friday, March 22, 2019

These Fleece Jackets Won’t Make You Look Like a Startup Bro

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The fleece jacket is a wardrobe staple embraced by many tribes: dads, hippies, native New Englanders, and, as of the last several years, business bros. If Silicon Valley startup founders and midtown day traders in their gray vests and navy half-zips have turned you off to fleece wear, the fashion industry has a solve. Designers and brands are now making fleece layers in patterns and colors that are far too crazy to be corporate. Some are tie-dyed, others are leopard printed, and there’s a whole bunch of trippy florals, too. You might be confused for a dad or a hippie or a Maine local in one, and definitely a gorpcore hipster, but not a Sweetgreen-dining, slacks-wearing investor-in-training.

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